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Sista Talk Event

Dear Dr. Taylor,

Just a note to say thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the Sista Talk Network. Our discussions continued on until 11:00 pm, last night. Brother, you are a dynamic preacher with a unique way of teaching the word of God. I can see where your book and sessions will be a catalyst for many to follow. I know that from the phone calls that I received today that many were Blessed by our session on ,"What's Love Got to Do With It?"

When God gave me the vision for this ministry, I did not know how or why. I am now only beginning g to understand the mission of Sista Talk. Its great people like you that will help to make the difference in our community. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I always say that you never meet by accident, it's all by great Design. Thanks again!

When Sistas communicate, they can move mountains!

Blessed Regards,

Katrina George-Founder/Coordinator


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